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Our internationally recognized team of professionals brings broad knowledge to the planning and design process.

Product Independent

Security By Design does not have any financial ties to other service providers, installers, or manufacturers. This ensures that the recommendations made by Security By Design are those that reflect the needs and desires of the client.


In addition to the obvious security systems, we examine passive security measures such as how pathing and lighting interact with the concept of security. The concepts espoused in CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) are used when performing these evaluations.




Planning for security should not be an option. It is the best approach to liability avoidance and minimizing business disruption caused by a non-business event. Security By Design has created customized products to address this area.

Management Services

Security By Design can provide aggressive and thoroughly professional management for your security project.




We believe the conscientious accomplishment of these studies is essential to initiating the security system design development process.

Systems Design

SBD prides itself in the wealth of experience and attention to detail that we bring to the scheduling process of projects.




ASSIST (Architectural Security Standards Information, Survey, and Testing) is an API-driven engine built to provide and support documentation for the full security lifecycle from conception through sign-off.


Often there is very little knowledge of these disparate sites and systems. The ASSIST Survey Tool provides a platform to gather this knowledge and position it to allow detailed analysis of each point at each site.




The ASSIST Testing Tool provides a structured process that helps document the functional testing of any installed security infrastructure.

    Architectural Security Standards Information

    Only with good building design can the right doors be locked with no life safety exceptions.


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